Enlightened Millionaires Membership

If you enjoyed the Reset Normal Program, you’ll love what’s next 😊

We are building a global heart centered community that believe the world can be changed by example. Enlightened means freed from ignorance and misinformation, while millionaires are free to follow their own prosperous vision of the future.

It’s where we share resources, where you find support when you need it and also where we will celebrate your wins.

We do things online and offline.

After you join, you will be given access to a private Facebook group where you’ll meet all of our members.

👉We have monthly group calls, similar to the ones in the Reset Normal Program where we freestyle about different topics around Connection, Lifestyle and Impact.
👉Another monthly call is with an expert sharing with us his/her wisdom on a certain subject.
👉We’ll also have a monthly book club, where we have 1 book to read per month and then we will have a live webinar with the author of the book to ask questions.
👉More things to be added to the online experience of Enlightened Millionaires as we go.

The other focus of Enlightened Millionaires is incredible, life-changing offline events. These will be in places like Bali, Dubai, Marbella and they will be a mix of spiritual journeys, childhood dreams coming true and celebration of life together with amazing humans.

As I’ve been traveling around the world more than 6 years now, I’ve found some very cool spots where I would love to have Enlightened Millionaires hubs. Where we come and live together, for as long as we want. This is my vision for the next chapter of our community.

Forging the way to educate the whole being; striving for unity; helping you become the highest version of yourself.

To become an Enlightened Millionaires Member
you need to have AT LEAST 300 POINTS in The Prosperity Challenges. No points, no access. We want creators, not spectators 👍

You can join anytime later, but only if you take action in The Prosperity Challenges and get the minimum amount of points.

The price for the Enlightened Millionaires Membership is 100€ per month. If you join now, as a founding member, you will receive a lifetime discount of 50% of the membership price and the first 3 months free of charge. That’s 50€ per month you will be charged after the 3 months.

The above offer is available only for 1 week. Can’t wait to continue co-creating beautiful things together. Join now and see you on the inside 🤗


first 3 months for


Normal Price100 €/month

  • Access to shared resources
  • Monthly Group Calls
  • Monthly Book Club with live Q&A with the author
  • Able to join MEMBERS ONLY Live Events around the world
  • The feeling of being part of something amazing
  • And much much more!